Group Leader

Pavlos Pavlidis, PhD
email: pavlidisp (at) gmail (dot) com
phone: +30 2810 391486

Research Fellows

Charikleia Karageorgiou
Mia thalassa mikri

Charikleia received a BSc in Biomedicine from University of East Anglia and two MSc in Advanced Genetics and Bioinformatics from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. She is soon to defend her PhD thesis conducted at UAB, studying polymorphic inversions in Drosophila subobscura. Charikleia is currently a Postdoctoral fellow in EvoLab at ICS-FORTH, where she is working with wild goats, fruit flies and human DNA samples in an effort to understand the processes that shape genetic variation. She is particularly interested in evolutionary and population genomics, and aspires to further investigate the interaction between recombination, structural variants and evolutionary forces.
In her leisure time she pretends to be our lab manager.

PhD Students

Stefanos Papadantonakis,
PhD Student, UoC
email: spapadadonakis (at) gmail (dot) com, Master student at Bioinformatics

Master Students

Αγγελικούλα ζάχαρη, Αγγελικούλα μέλι

Angeliki Papadopoulou, MBB MSc Student

I’m a Biology graduate from the University of Athens, currently studying in the ‘Molecular Biology and Biomedicine’ MSc program at the University of Crete. My scientific interests focus on population genetics, particularly on understanding human population structure and genetic admixture. Presently, I’m involved in ancient DNA studies, investigating the evolutionary history of present-day populations, attempting as well to address and challenge biases and pitfalls in dimensionality reduction methodologies. Other than the lab, you can often find me in some gorge, enjoying tranquility and the Cretan nature.


Aris Litos, Bioinformatics MSc Student

Hi, I am Aris Litos! I have studied Biology in the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens,Greece. Currently, I am a student at Bioinformatics Master of University of Crete. In my thesis, I perform genomic analysis and characterization of bacteria in the rhizosphere. My research interests include microbiology, microbial and bacterial Genomics, microbiome, plasmid biology, microbial and bacterial evolution and horizontal gene transfer. 

Danae Yannakou

Danae Yannakou, Bioinformatics MSc Student

Currently, I am a MSc student in Bioinformatics (UoC). I’m working on the Analysis of NGS data for disease understanding.
Undergraduate studies: Agricultural University of Athens

Electra Tsagliotis

Electra Tsagliotis, Protein Biotechnology MSc Student

Hi! I’m Electra, a Biology graduate and postgraduate student of Protein Biotechnology. In my thesis I am using ML techniques to predict protein-protein interactions. My research interests lie in the field of Bioinformatics, as well as, wet-lab Biology and mainly revolve around proteins. If you can’t seem to find me, I might have sneaked away to the beach to relax, read a book and swim!

Undergraduate Students


Prodromos Papadopoulos

Prodromos Papadopoulos, Biology Undergraduate

am an undergraduate student in the department of Biology, UoC. The title of my thesis is “Inter- and intra-host analysis of SARS-CoV-2 diversity”.

Aggeliki Sampsaki

Aggeliki Sampsaki, CSD Undergraduate

Optimization of a C simulator for the evolution of gene regulatory networks

Melina Loulakaki

Melina Loulakaki, CSD Undergraduate

Undergraduate student @Computer Science Department
My research interests revolve around genetics and humanity domain.
Thesis Project:
“Importance of regional HLA banks and estimation of bank size”

Antonis Tapanlis

Antonis Tapanlis, CSD Undergraduate

Hello I’m Antonis, a Computer Science graduate. In my thesis, I have used signal processing and ML technics in order to detected whether natural selection exists or not, in simulated populations that have gone through genetic bottlenecks. My research interests are Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Population Genetics, my other interests include camping, chess and beers!

Kontessa Zorpala, Biology Undergraduate

Hi! I am Kontessa, an undergraduate biology student at the University of Crete. My research interests lie in the field of bioinformatics and machine learning applied to biological phenomena. I am a theater, music and chocolate enthusiast and most of the time you will find me playing with others’ cats. 


Past Group Members

Aggelos Koropoulis

Panayiotis Sakagiannis

Maria Vasilarou, MSc Student @ Bioinformatics, Medical School, UoC

Antonis Kioukis

Anna Mathioudaki

Yiannis Koutsoukos

Elias Primetis

Danai Vagiaki

  • Maria Malliarou
    Project: Detecting selective sweeps with the 2D-SFS.
  • Ioanna Garefalaki
    Project: The selective footprint of transposable elements in rice
  • Ioannis Patramanis
    Project: ABC models with ancient DNA samples
  • Danae Arvaniti
    Project: Evolution of CNVs

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