Software for detecting selective sweeps

  • OmegaPlus / github
    detects selective sweeps based on the Linkage Disequilibrium signatures. 
  • SweeD gihub
    detects selective sweeps using the Site Frequency Spectrum signature
  • RAiSD github
    It combines all 3 known signatures of selective sweeps using the notion of SNP vectors.

Software for simulations

  • CoMuS / github link
    It simulates polymorphic data in a multi-species coalescent framework.
  • trajdemog
    Part of the code was made available from RR Hudson. In fact, I just added some code for simulating data in various demographic models.
  • SPS / github link
    A forward-backward simulator for simulating genetic data in a spatial framework
  • FEG / github link
    An evolutionary game simulator for genetic data. Behavior is under selection pressure. There are “competitors”, “synergists” and individuals who just ignore other members.

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